The Standout Company

Theatre Photography & Video Press Pack.

Meeting all your visual needs from rehearsals to press night.

Are you a theatre producer or a marketing agency in charge of booking theatre photography and video?

Can your photographer offer both high quality photography and video OR are you paying multiple contractors to deliver the final project?

Our press pack allows you to select the content that best suits your production and works within your budget.

We offer both high quality theatre photography AND video, giving you more value for your budget. Dealing with us directly means you are dealing with one company that can capture and edit both, reducing the overall expenses paid out including travel and admin fees. We are able to reduce your overall costs and maximise your budget. In addition, being able to offer both photography and film, we take the hassle out of dealing with multiple email address’s and invoice payments. 

Rehearsal Photography

  • Our aim is to take striking images and capture actors genuine emotions without interrupting the rehearsal

  • Capturing the raw process, hard work and talent that goes behind the scenes

  • Create traction before the first show

  • Help generate ticket sales

  • Create positive engagement on social media through behind the scene  

Sitzprobe Photography 

  • This is the first time the performers meet the band to go through the music

  • One of the last visual marketing opportunities before the show opens

  • Our aim is to capture high quality images that reflect the excitement and energy of the day without interrupting the work 

 Production Photography

  • Photographs of full scale production including full costumes, set during final dress rehearsal

  • Edits will be turned around within 24 hours for press and social channels

  • Demonstrate the scale and quality of the production

  • Typically printed and shown in the foyer

Cast Interviews

  • Typically done in first few weeks of the rehearsal once the cast have got to know one another and developed a deeper understanding of the show and their characters.

  • Used alongside rehearsal photography on social channels to engage with online audiences

  • Video shows the personality of the performer and the process of developing their character

  • Offers audiences the opportunity to learn more about the production



  • The official trailer for the production  

  • Captured with high quality video cameras

  • No longer than 90 seconds, it captures the essence of the show and engages with online auiences

  • Generates interest and drives ticket sales


Press Night Vox Pops 

  • Filmed in the foyer after the press night performance

  • Interviews with celebrities, industry professionals and audience members

  • Used online to generate social traction and drive further ticket sales 

Archive Recording

  • Recording of the entire show for reference and internal use

  • Multiple camera options available depending on the scale of the production