PR Photography.

“Great images speak a thousand words.”

Here at The Standout Company we are proud to work with our clients on regional and national PR campaigns. Our PR photography showcases projects that are important to our clients and their audiences. PR photography varies from awareness to advertising and marketing. Businesses use PR photography to show what the company and their audience believes in and what they stand for whether it is a political, environmental or industry led viewpoint. 

We have worked on a variety of projects from young homelessness with the charity Centrepoint to engagement with outdoor experiences with Nat Geo. Our work on PR photography is both on set and location, working to client briefs. We are proud to represent a large number of marketing agencies, partnering and representing them on shoots, delivering high standards and quality of work that has been showcased on a national stage. 

During our PR photography projects we work as individual or multiple photographers depending on the client brief, working alongside TV and film crews quickly and efficiently, often to short 24hour deadlines. We pride ourselves on quality delivery with little interruption to the order of events. 

During PR photography it is always important to capture high audience engagement, whether it be with the experience directly or through recognisable iconic landmarks or objects. One of our favourite Nat Geo Wild October PR photographs was of the Nat Geo garden glass terrarium in front of Big Ben, showcasing the scale of the campaign and importance of the campaign message.

Case Study, Centrepoint.

In 2017 we represented the Bristol based marketing agency, Happy Hour Productions with their fantastic project with the charity Centrepoint about young homelessness.

Our role on this campaign was to take photographs that would support their overall PR campaign which featured across national press. During this project we worked on set alongside a film company for two days and mirrored their video shots.  

The aim of the PR photographs was to showcase the fantastic work that Centrepoint does with their service users and the remarkable journeys they have been on. Working alongside actors, we were able to tell a story of a real life case study of a young lady before Centrepoint, the interaction and experiences she had with the charity and how she was up skilled as a hairdresser to be able to have the

Our images for the Centrepoint young homelessness campaign were used across their social media platforms and website to raise awareness for their sponsor a room and other fundraising projects.

Case Study, Mary Poppins

In 2019 we worked with one of regular clients, London based marketing agency Sublime on their client Disney’s new film Mary Poppins. This campaign differed to that of Centrepoint as we were capturing an advertising campaign, raising awareness of a product in the form of a new film. We captured the public engagement with props and giveaways from Mary Poppins. During this live experience we were based outside the BBC at Media City, our focus was to promote the strength and scale of this campaign using recognisable landmarks of Manchester. This project had a short 24hour deadline.  

Matthew Walker is a Manchester Photographer specialising in business photography and business video. The Standout Company work across the North West and London, covering locations including Manchester, Cheshire and Liverpool. For more information about our photography / video please get in touch for our availability and rates.