Brand Photography.

Lifestyle, Food, Products & Services.

Brand photography is a part of our commercial photography services here at The Standout Company. We work in a variety of sectors including lifestyle and food. Brand photography is an essential part of both online and offline advertising for our clients. Our photographs feature successfully in brochures, magazines, billboards, online adverts, websites and social media. Brand photography is a great way to advertise your products and services that you intend to promote and sell. We use numerous specific techniques to showcase your products in an attractive way. 

Why use Professional Brand Photography?

The ultimate goal with your brand photography is to entice potential buyers to purchase your specific products. We look for 3 outcomes with our brand photography: engagement, conversion and creating life long customers.

An image shapes a buyer’s first impression; a decision can be made on your brand by the quality of your image, even before the written text is read. An image is the quickest way to gain information about your brand - buyers look for shortcuts. Your photographs really does aid a buyer to make a decision and can be the tipping point from browsing to purchase. 

As professionals we work with you to understand how your clients interact with your products and help to build the trust relationship before sale. Your brand image needs to testify the quality of your product and create both transparency and trust. We use a range of angles, lighting and other techniques to enhance the client experience and showcase the quality and value of your brand. 

Product Only Images. 

If you have a product to sell to your customers it is really important to showcase a number of simple, clean product only images. These show transparency of what the product actually is and can help shape and build the trust. Research on buyer decision shows that you in fact need around a dozen photographs to go from browsing to buying, despite a lot of business’ only using a couple of images. 

We usually shoot these product only images on a white background; this shows transparency of your product and helps to create consistency within your marketing. Additionally these types of photographs are great to be added to promotional materials such as flyers, brochures and websites. 

Lifestyle Brand Photography.

Your product photography needs to tell a story, you want to share your brand’s vision and mission with your potential customers. Lifestyle product photography shows how your product will be used and how it will benefit the customer. Essentially we want to share with your customer why they cannot live without your product! 

Lifestyle product photography can be used across all of your marketing materials. They look great on your social media, blogs and newsletters, adding real value and trust to your brand to really assist the conversion of sales.

Matthew Walker is a Manchester Photographer specialising in business photography and business video. The Standout Company work across the North West and London, covering locations including Manchester, Cheshire and Liverpool. For more information about our photography / video please get in touch for our availability and rates.