The Standout Company

The Standout Company isn’t about us; it’s about you.

“Capturing little moments that make a big difference through photography and video”

It’s about delivering a service to you that will create a platform to share what you do and help you to excel through the power of strong photography and video.

It’s about giving you the finished product that you need in the form of a photograph and video to help showcase your work on a local, national or international stage.

It’s about sharing your vision and mission to show your own clients and potential partners just how talented and passionate you are about your field of work.

Who have we helped?

More about us … Who are we?

The Standout Company is a Commercial Photography and Video company capturing strong photographs and videos across the UK. Our Standout HQ is based in Manchester giving us a great location to work across the whole of the North West, with fantastic transport links to our clients in London. We established in 2016 and work with clients from varying sectors from corporate to the stage, taking creative photographs and videos to showcase their work to their own followers, clients and potential partners. 

We help our clients to flourish in both new and existing projects and to fully showcase their passions and skills within their own fields of work. We work on individual brand development to large national campaigns; each project we undertake with passion and creative flare to help put you at the forefront of your own client’s minds. 

Please get in contact with a member of our Standout team to learn more about our current services and how we can help you and your project.

What do we do?

Here at The Standout Company we specialise in commercial photography and video across the North West and London. We work with our clients to bring their visions and passions to life through capturing creative photographs and videos making a detailed portfolio of work. 

Our client’s use our work to showcase their brand, services and products to their own following, clients or potential partners.  

To date we have developed our strong client base through great recommendations and word of mouth. Matthew’s background is in acting and presenting, training in Manchester and previously living and working in London for over 10 years. In London, Matthew co-founded a photography and video production studio in Covent Garden working with performers including actors and musicians. 

Now living and working in Manchester, Matthew has broadened his client base into the business sector working closely with outstanding marketing and events agencies.

NAT GEO WILD - National Photography and Video Campaign

Age UK - Regional Photography & Video Campaign

FAQ’s … Where do we work?

Our Standout HQ is based in Manchester city centre. We really believe that we are in the “capital of the North” with talented clients here and great connections for transport to shoots across the North West. We have fantastic photography facilities here in Manchester with studio access just a 10 minute walk from Deansgate and in the cultured Northern Quarter.

Matthew previously lived and worked in London for over 10 years so we work over in the capital on a regular basis. We have access to great photography studios in Elephant and Castle and Greenwich Dockyard. Working with a number of London based marketing and events agencies a large part of our London based work is on location; no two days are ever the same!

Having a passion for travel Matthew loves taking his camera abroad and has started a travel blog called Coffee & Cameras capturing images in some amazing locations including Cuba and India.

Who will you be in contact with?

As the Principle Photographer Matthew is a full part of the process from enquiry to the final project delivery. He is your main point of contact here at The Standout Company. 

Who will you meet on shoot?

Our work is all about you. Each business and project we work with has it’s own unique project brief and demands a different approach and skill set from us here at The Standout Company; we don’t do a one size fits all!

Once we receive an initial enquiry from a potential client we research their project and request and decide if Matthew or one of our list of talented freelance photographers can match the potential job. There are many specialities in both photography and video, just as there are many different industries and sectors that we work with. Our style has to match your brilliant vision and then it’s time to capture and create the magic.  

How will my photographs be delivered? 

After your photography shoot we upload all of your images onto our website as a private page called a contact sheet. Each photograph is numbered so you can easily let us know what your favourite shots are. 

Once you let us know your favourite photographs we will edit them using professional photography editing software Lightroom and Photoshop for quality and consistency. 

The number of photographs edited depends on your package type. Photographs will be edited in either black and white or colour to your choice. Additional edits of photographs can be purchased; we know how hard it can be sometimes to choose your favourite! 

Final edited photographs are sent via a web transfer site called WeTransfer due to the large image size. WeTransfer is great because you get emailed a link to download all of the images and they get sent directly to your download folder. If you aren’t familiar with WeTransfer here is a link for how to download your images successfully: how to use WeTransfer.

How will my videos be delivered?

After our photographers have shot your video we upload all of your raw footage to our hard drives. We use the professional video editing software Final Cut Pro X and upload your video to the video sharing software Vimeo. Vimeo is a great platform (similar to YouTube) as it allows us to send you the large footage via a small shareable website link. 

For editing purposes we add a time code over your footage so you can tell us what amendments you require using the specific time frames down to the millisecond. Once we have made amendments to your first edit, you will be resent a second edited version for your final amendments to be chosen. 

The final video will be added again to Vimeo as a completed project and public file so you can easily share your video on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. If you require your video for internal use only please let us know and the Vimeo link will be made private.  

Can we have the RAW footage?

We keep all raw footage for 12 months. If you require this raw footage we will upload it onto a new external hard drive for you and send via first class recorded delivery. Price of new external hard drive / handling fees apply.  

Can I have extra content made? 

All raw footage is kept for 12 months, during this period if you require any additional films or photography edits to be made please let us know. 

What equipment do we use? 

  • Photography Cameras – Multiple Canon 5D

  • Film Cameras – Sony A7sii and Canon C100

  • Camera Stabilizer & Gimbals - DJI

  • Studio Lighting - Bowens

  • Editing Softwares – Photoshop, Lightroom, Final Cut Pro 

  • Uploading Softwares – Vimeo, WeTransfer 

Work with us.


Do you love taking photographs and have an eye for a great picture? If you have already started a career in photography we would love to hear from you.

A freelance photographer at The Standout Company means that you are hired on a contract / project basis as opposed to being an employee. This means you have the flexibility to do your own external work and build your own portfolio to suit your own photography and career choices. In other words, you are your own boss and can work for us on a casual basis and gain experience through our own clients without the admin hassle. 

As a freelance photographer a key part of your business is word of mouth, having clients that are pleased with your work and can recommend you to others. Gaining a strong client base and diverse portfolio is always a challenge in our industry. 

Being a freelance photographer at The Standout Company we essentially bring the clients to you. The expense and hassle of marketing, websites, enquires etc are all taken care of from our side. We hire you to capture the amazing projects and meet our client’s brief and visions and you get paid for your delivery, we do the rest.  


At The Standout Company we specialise in commercial photography and video. We are based in Manchester working across the North West and London. We work with our clients to put their visions and passions to life through capturing strong photographs and videos and creating a detailed portfolio of work. (Learn more ABOUT link)


Our style of photography or video has to match our client’s vision; no two clients and their projects are the same. Here at The Standout Company we use a great bank of freelance photographers across the country to expand our skill sets and experience to give our client’s the best service possible. 


As a freelance photographer we can help to expand your current portfolio and skill set with our diverse and strong client base. One of the hardest things about being a freelance is developing a strong portfolio. We take care of all the paper work and let you do what you do best – capturing awesome footage! 

Matthew Walker is a Manchester Photographer specialising in business photography and business video. The Standout Company work across the North West and London, covering locations including Manchester, Cheshire and Liverpool. For more information about our photography / video please get in touch for our availability and rates.