The Story So Far...


London summer 2013

This right here is where it all began. A Canon 60D, a Canon 70-200ml 2.8 and what has since been described by a nice man at Apple - an antique. The Canon 6oD is sadly no longer with us but keep your eyes peeled for the lens, she's still a valued and trusted member of the team.

Matthew Walker

later that summer...

And so with trusty 60D in hand, Matthew (Standout director) set off on a journey as a freelance photographer….

IMG_0958_Fotor_Fotor (b&w).jpg

first client...

This is Graeme Rooney, he's an actor.

Graeme was our first client and this was the first of what would become many Standout headshots. Not too shabby for a first attempt we hear you say. Well, we're pleased to report that Graeme's career has since gone on from strength to strength. Thankfully for us, so have Matthew's photography skills….


Matthew Walker / Chris Gardner

spring 2014

Through a love of coffee, camera's and a general penchant for all things creative, a beautiful friendship was formed. Meet Chris Gardner. Chris, who has since gone on to spearhead his own company introduced Matthew to the wonderful world of film - and Matthew went on to marry him and his beautiful wife....we're not kidding! 


Spring 2014 - Summer 2016

Many cups of coffee (flat white, not latte) later……

The Standout Company

Summer 2016

And so it came to pass that in the summer of 2016, The Standout Company was formed. 

Onwards and upwards we say!!!


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